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The review of these cases women for casual meet and where credible evidence exists, the further investigation of them, is the responsibility of LIB.
Case Sequencing Model which takes a number of factors into consideration.
For most employers in Northern Ireland this would create major problems and most public tendering processes require the employer to certify that it is qualified.
Likewise, the Employment Equality (Repeal of Retirement Age Provisions) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2011 removed the default retirement age so employers can no longer apply a default retirement age without justification as is the case in Great Britain.Further guidance is given.In addition, a review can be required as a discoverable document in Tribunal and the statistics or other information contained in the review may be relevant to discrimination claims.Advertise widely to ensure a representative pool.Discrimination questionnaires The removal of discrimination questionnaires in Great Britain on oes not apply in Northern Ireland and there is no consultation on it as yet.Between 1 January, 1969, and 1 March, 2004, there were more than 3,200 homicides in Northern Ireland.
In the tribunal, chairmen have dealt practically with this by giving consideration to discrimination on the grounds of not being for instance, English or Scottish.
If there is a change of ownership then under Article 49 The Commission must be advised of this.

Unlike in GB the statistics must also be broken down by ethnicity and disability.Race discrimination, the Race Relations (Northern Ireland) Order 1997 (rrnio 1997) applies similar provisions to those under the Equality Act 2010 in Great Britain.Some football shirts are associated with different sides of the Northern Irish community and wearing a Rangers or Celtic shirt at work has been found to amount to harassment.However, it would be normal for an employer to have a policy which provides times when such items are work, for how and the manner in which they are worn.The expected divergence in case law may lead to the decision of the Employment Appeal Tribunal and England and Wales Court of Appeal having less persuasive weight in Northern Ireland tribunals in the areas of divergence.However in Northern Ireland, the Irish travellers community is specifically defined as a racial group for the purposes of the legislation.The practical effect is that employers/HR functions must have someone responsible for monitoring/reporting and for ensuring that recruitment and promotion procedures operate in line with the relevant codes of practice, even though this may take longer or require more resources.Only the main points are considered in this factsheet as there are detailed monitoring and reporting regulations.More information and guidance on recruiting is available from the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland.There is considerable case law about differing circumstances relating to flags and other emblems which may have political significance.Penalties on employers, employers should be aware that as well as some breaches of the monitoring provisions being criminal offences, The Commission has available a substantial penalty that is not matched in Great Britain.