Everybody, herself included, knows shes done.
Brooke gives him a kiss on the cheek.Whos ready to get down and dirty?Brooke is first to return with absolutly free adult personals a basket.Hes happy with what shes brought back.And thats where Farmer Wants a Wife comes.
Stacey is high maintenance but apparently unconcerned she wont be able to get a pedicure on the farm.

She makes the guy driving her home call Matt.Now thats a good magic trick.The town votes for Brooke as the winner.At the dance, Amanda grabs Matt as her partner.Because half the girls in the house are drunks, they decide to play a drinking game with Matt.Then she will have to pay the tab at the market (but not until she decides to add sunglasses, beef jerky, and condoms to it).He hasnt found a big use for underwear.
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Kanisha believes this means shes safe, and since she didnt hit her cans, she has to go up and knock them down.