The series is described by the network as a comedic reality series that brings city women to one charming, hard-working farmer, and what women want hamburg is based on a format thats been used internationally.
Louise arrives to assess the state of play and is fascinated to learn that both girls are smitten with their sturdy farmer.He may even ask his relatives to work on the farm, keeping payroll costs low, especially when he is just getting started.Some people go on to pursue college degrees in animal science.Two weeks later, Derek heads to London for a weekend with his chosen lass.(I fight for men like they do in the Middle East: Before somebody blows me up, I blow them up, one says.) who will compete in predictable challenges, like sticking their arms into a cows ass.As Derek spends some one-on-one time with each of the girls, flirty Karla sets out her stall.The triumphant girl gets to enjoy some quality time with Derek on the farm.More than 2,000 women applied for the role of farmers wife.
Not to be out done, Sarah joins the pair.

Theres not one but two twists to come in this romantic tale.As the final day approaches, it is clear that one girl is going to be left very disappointed.More bond expected maturity date about reality blurred and Andy.I reckon you could fit in my pants, she tells Derek.As is required for these kinds of shows, the producers have found a collection of insane women for him to choose from.If you think thats the end of the story, youd be quite wrong, says Louise.I havent got a clue where Im going with this, Derek admits.
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