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It retains more antioxidents then Green Tea!
Cocoa Mama are a family run business based in Eye Suffolk. .
Maldons primary quality is being a clean fresh taste that one night stand bielefeld enhances flavours of all natural foods.
Maldon Salt is hand harvested in a traditional manner, which means there will always be a limit to the amount that can be produced.Polypins and demipins are basically boxes with a collapsible inner membrane which allows beer to be drawn off as required without letting in air, much in the same way as a wine-box works.Maldon Sea Salt is free from the harsh taste thats often distinguished with other salts.So long as it is chilled then that is fine.Production is regularly overcome by demand as its approval with chefs grows both in the UK and abroad.Website: address: Wycke Hill Business Park, Maldon, Essex, England, CM9 6UZ.I believe the distinctive salty taste will add sophistication to your favourite dishes Its main strength is on meats, soups, salsas and marinades.They brew all different strengths, flavors and types of beers which are all perfect for that sunny afternoon or to complete that perfect BBQ.
Nethergate products are availiable in polypins, which contain 36 pints, or demipins, which hold 18 pints, or in trays of a dozen 500cl bottles.

There is arguably no substitute for Maldon Sea Salt and it is now one of the best recognised brands in the market today. .From the very start our beers have been recognised by their excellence, winning many awards, both regionally and nationally.If you would like to buy beer from Nethergate, (or wine please click the link to access thier retail website: Nethergate Retail, for more info about Nethergate head to thier site: Nethergate, continue reading this article, tags: Alcohol, Ale, Anglia, Barbecue, BBQ, Beer, Bottle, Drink.It helps as an extra element for seasoning meat, fish and poultry goods, enhancing their natural flavours.Some natural ingredients include: Honey; Raspberries; Apples; Lavender and Chilli.It was established in 2002 by Helen Fraser.

It is made with chocolate called Oxanti which is a 65 dark chocolate.
Cocoa Mama, are passionate about making chocolate in a traditional way (By Hand) using local produce which is full of natural flavours and free from artificial preservatives.
There have been many occasions where I have chosen a Nethergate beer or ale to just relax with after a long day.