He brings out the geekiness and creativity in his friends (and is described as "a magical, elf-like man who makes us all more magical by being near us but his antics can be wildly exhausting and irresponsible, and his odd outlook on life can.
And in only a few days, they're engaged to be married.
Why else would the dreamer ask his roommate in the dream to lock up the gorilla?The Marilyn Monroe Impersonator for the Michael Jackson Impersonator in Mister Lonely.In another dream, the persons joyful reaction to seeing an old friend reminds him that he misses having close friends a few years prior to the dream he moved to a new town and started a job, and hes been so busy working he hasnt.She also helps pull Ted out of a rather dark time in his life as Robin marries Barney, when Ted always felt that she should be with him.In Mahou Shoujo The Glowing Jennifer fits this trope.The 2009 ultra-low-budget independent film New Low is another subversion Vicky is a bigger Jerk Ass than the loser Author Avatar protagonist Wendell, while Joanna would be a Manic Pixie Dream Girl were Wendell not a complete idiot as well.He also fits the darker permutation of this character type as his eccentricities mask numerous insecurities, particularly the fact that he knows his time will soon come to an end with the impending specter of World War II, and sure enough, as soon as he's.It takes LDP a while to get past it, as it makes him second-guest himself in terms of relationships.The X-Files has a subversion in the character of Melissa Scully, Agent Dana Scully's sister.Then we find out she was faking it, deliberately constructing her false persona to fool Holmes and distract west sussex local offer transfer plan him from her plans.If you think about a dream character and feel a sharp reaction, take it as a clue that the character represents something felt sharply or strongly.Gunnm protagonist Alita/Gally went trough a period of almost obsessive mpdg behavior when she fell madly in love with a boy named Yugo, during which she was even willing to die for him.Joan in Playing by Heart is one, but her relationship with Keenan plays out a bit more balanced than is usual for the trope.The film ends with an asteroid crashing into the Earth, killing everyone, so it's unknown if the relationship could have lasted.
Also, the protagonist is the one who sought her out.
Take Note of Your Reactions How you react to dream characters can tell you what they symbolize.

He starts out completely cold, withdrawn, and mistrustful, but by the end of the future arc Pascal has completely worn him down with her friendliness and wacky charm, and around her he's either a stammering dork, an aspiring romantic, or a knight in shining armor.The trope's popularity, Rabin suggested, led to discussions of a more precise definition, a reduction of the critic's all-encompassing classification of mpdg.Even her mannerisms are deconstructed.The video to Carly Rae Jepsen 's "Run Away With Me" is pretty much a Point-of-view experience of a guy traveling around the world with Carly as his mpdg."My Year Of Flops, Case File 1: Elizabethtown : The Bataan Death March of Whimsy".A b c d e f g h i Bowman, Donna; Gillette, Amelie; Hyden, Steven; Murray, Noel; Pierce, Leonard Rabin, Nathan (August 4, 2008).Archived from the original on June 17, 2016.Live-Action TV Dharma Greg, a sitcom that pits quirky "nonconformist" young woman seeks old man Dharma up with strait-laced bore-fest Greg.Pookie fulfills all of the requirements of a mpdg, including breaking the lead character out of his shell.A vivacious, eccentric and well-traveled woman, she teaches Harold to live life to the fullest and get over his morbid obsession with death.
She also repeatedly tells him that she doesn't need him to "fix" her.
At the end, he kills "Tyler" off.

Princess Jellyfish has a rare genderswap.
Her character enters the life of musicologist Howard Bannister during his trip to San Francisco, and turns his world (not to mention that of several other people) upside down when she impersonates his fiancée and leads a cast of characters on a madcap chase around.