She said somewhat yes but we do not have a day planed yet but we are going to the theatres.
I wanted to be the same person that could get up and preach and the same person that would go home at nightdidn't want to be a liar, didn't want to be a hypocrite, says DeVon.
So couple of looking for female from Serbia questions, you know when you sort of yawn then.Meagan, on the other hand, bought into those lies.God's plan is the best plan and it does require a sacrifice and it does require obedience, and it's not always easy.Now coming up on their 4 year anniversary, theyre convinced that their decision to honor each other and God has strengthened their marriage.She discovered years later, that it did more harm than good.But it is deeply rewarding.Meagan says, Well, I mean, you know, I acknowledge for that reason, but Im saying it likeIt's pretty darn good.So couple of questions, you know when you sort of yawn then put your arm around your date.Is that like cheesy or really cheesy.He also recognized the ideas that pre-marital sex was acceptable and even beneficial were based on a lie.DeVon says, People would come up to us and ask, Well, how did you get to know each other?Those decisions also affected her relationship with DeVon.Meagan says, What I found isa lot of people, not just in the world but that are here in Hollywood as well, that are practicing it that would never talk about it, they're too embarrassed, they thought they'd be shamed or that they're old school.As expected, their decision created quite the buzz in Hollywood, but to the couples surprise, many were intrigued by the idea of abstinence.And the truth is, there isn't a better plan.

DeVon and Meagan met during the filming.DeVon says, Its just the mere presentation of doubt that maybe it's actually not as bad for you as you think, or maybe it's actually better for you than you thinkAnd that iswhere the lie comes in that we don't need to follow God's plan.Follow 3 answers.And it was difficultIt was a lot ofpre-engagement counseling where we literally just talked andwe found that for meI had this deep-rooted feeling of, I'll never be enough for somebody, no matter what I do, no matter how hard I try.Not long after that, the two started dating.Show more, kK any help is welcome, First date well sort of theres this girl which I asked like a million times well 3 times out but then I asked her just to go to the movies.Jumping the Broom, Think Like a Man, or on the arm of her husband preacher and producer DeVon Franklin, who just recently celebrated the release.At nineteen, she started making compromises, hoping to hold onto love.

And so as you go from relationship to relationship or if you are being promiscuous throughout those years, it damages you.