And because journalists are disproportionally connected digitally, popular memes also burrow into mainstream-media narratives as a measure of what has captured peoples attention.
Posting a funny women in a binder photo If you are reading this long after the 2012 election and do not know what women in a binder means, thats exactly the our Facebook wall the day after the debate can make us feel like we are.
Nathan Jurgenson, october 28, 2012 3:00pm (UTC this piece originally appeared.The conditions Ive outlined for the success of the election-season meme that it is seen as emerging spontaneously, authentically, from the bottom up, allowing the individual to declare their identity, to participate in a distant system, and to ironically mock the performativity of the political.As PJ Rey noted, had Obama zinged Romney with Big Bird at the end of the first debate, that moment might have been the most discussed potentially changing the whole narrative about his performance that night.At this moment, sharing those memes no longer demonstrates that you are in the know.(Richard Termine despite Obamas hard sell, Romnesia fell flat, while Big Bird took off.The term virus is problematic because it references only proliferation, whereas a better epidemiology of the meme would also account for how the rapid explosion of attention might preclude durability.But by the time Obama referenced Big Bird in the second debate, 13 days after the meme went viral, Big Bird was, in the words of the Portlandia sketch, over.The memes that proliferate, on and offline, are not what any of the campaigns planned." As long as reportings framed as a rumour, then it can only be false if the rumour fails to resonate.Going viral can mean short-term attention at the expense of long-term attention.Even when attention is desired, can too much be harmful?Instead, the campaigns can merely react to them.

The death of a meme is as interesting as its life.Of course, there were many reasons why Occupy saw the success it did sussex adult contacts as well as why it does not garner as much media attention anymore.The meme moves inside the mainstream narrative, traditional media, the campaigns themselves.Instead, meme politics often actively resist the campaigns intentions.Its that success of memes in influencing the political narrative that has garnered so much attention this election cycle.Reproduction of material from any Salon pages without written permission is strictly prohibited.Bureaus and placed into the hands of the loudest crowds and their swiftest microbloggers.Instead, after major political events, what goes most viral are not the zingers carefully constructed by teams of hired writers.And the Occupy movement was very successful in getting viral attention: the phrase 99, the Casually Pepper Spraying Cop, and even the image of the tent as a symbol of what Occupy stood for.
Viral attention has an ecology; its something that can be exhausted. .

That memes are not centrally conceived and controlled means that when we share them, we share them as autonomous actors declaring what we think is creative or funny, not what the campaigns or traditional mainstream media outlets think matters.