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At present they only brew a Pils but Amber and Weizen should be added to the range in the next few months.
I believe Egertal in Kaiserhammer closed around 2007.
The beer may prove very difficult to come by as it's normally only available at the museum's cafeteria - and that only opens on six days a year (although they will open for parties at other times).Extra in Röhrigshof stopped brewing in 2011.(AD) 23rd June 2007 baden-WÜrttemberg The tiny Singlebräu microbrewery in Müllheim has unfortunately closed due to supply problems.They have a house beer, at least.Like Zenglein, their beer now comes from Zeil.From what I can ascertain this appears to be a pilot plant used for experimenting with new recipes but an Imperial IPA brewed there was on sale at the recent Berlin Craft Beer Festival.Rheinland-pfalz All Volker Bräu beers are now brewed at Hagen Bräu in Worms.North of Magdeburg, the small village of Lindhorst is now home to a microbrewery.They don't exactly trumpet this fact so I have emailed them for more info.The pub has been renamed Keltenfürst and will reopen next week selling house-beers brewed elsewhere.( Alex Deuerlein ) Hausbrauerei Schiller has moved from Wachau to Neusörnewitz, between Coswig and Meißen.
You'll find it on the eastern edge of Hildesheim, near the hospital.
THÜringen There are plans for a brewpub on the site of the former Braugold brewery in Erfurt.

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1st March 2014 Yes, I know.(AD) nordrhein-westfalen The second brewery in a German bowling alley should open later this month.(AD) berlin Bürgerbräu closed towards the end of last year, although it's rumoured beers may have been brewed somewhere in Sachsen for some time before that.(Alex Deuerlein) bayern If you encounter Tilmans Biere in München this is another who brews elsewhere.Stebner started during 2016 in a garage in Sickte, north-east of Wolfenbüttel.It seems likely their beers are now produced by Brauerei Kühbach.

I don't yet have the name of a regular outlet.