But if its your first time then probably the Buen Camino Light along the most popular French sex offender map douglas county co route, because the distances are shorter.
You can stop for coffee, stop at a river to write or sketch, your hiking day is yours.
Their guided tours still allow you to have complete solitude, but they also provide a level of support and safety that is really nice.
Am I up for this?On average I covered 20-30km per day, carried my own backpack and stayed in municipal backpackers found all along the way.Whether you are a seasoned female adventurer or it is your first time embarking on a long distance walk the guided Camino tours give you the chance to enjoy this unique experience with a bunch of fellow walkers.On the guided trips you actually dont have a guide walking with you.If you are taking on the pilgrimage solo, then it will likely ease some butterflies and concerns if you do a little planning and research before you.Just a few months prior, I had decided to move to New York but ended up in Jersey to continue what at that point had been a months-long series of interviews with some big name media companies.
The Camino de Santiago is more than a travel destination, its a journey into yourself.

All of these questions really come down to how you want to tackle the Camino; a guided tour, self guided, or independent.A few years ago I decided to take it on solo.The experience is more enriching and empowering when you are on your own than with someone.But every night you have the camaraderie of the group.Vianessa CastaƱos, the beauty of el Camino is that everyone you meet is looking for something, be it a spiritual connection, an answer to a question or simply adventure.Finally she also suggested you get familiar with the Camino by watching movies, documentaries, and reading books on the Camino.However all opinions expressed here are my own based on my own experiences of hiking the Camino.Those who walk the Camino say that the journey is a microcosm of life.Some have come for the adventure, whilst others have gone through a difficult transition in life.
Like in life, the trail has many ups and downs and people come along who leave either fleeting or lasting impressions.
As I walked out of Pamplona alone that morning, I randomly met up with a woman on the trail and we started talking and walking.