The chart has two axes, the age of mum when the baby was conceived on the left and the month in which the baby was conceived on the top.
Try some quick delicious recipes Good Luck and enjoy beautiful days of pregnancy.You should avoid these constellation, Tithi, yoga, time and days for escaping bad effect on boy or girl baby.The human embryonic heart rate (EHR) accelerates.3 beats per minute per day during the first month of beating.More, reasons to Participate in Theatre for Children 19 February, 2018, music and Entertainment 342, there are a search woman karnten variety of benefits for enrolling children in arts programs, but sports and academic endeavours often overshadow these activities.While the margin of difference between sexes was small, it was, they say, statistically significant, and Pregnancy hormone hCG, which is generally higher in women who have severe morning sickness and may be secreted in greater amounts by female fetuses.An X chromosome will lead to a girl, a Y to a boy.
This calculator however is great for entertainment and may just predict the gender of your baby right.

Girl, woman Conception Lunar Month, age Chinese Baby Gender Predictor Chinese gender predictor it's based on the popular Chinese lunar calendar.We, at Cosmic Technologies (CosmiTec are analyzing quite a lot of astrological methods, combining some of them, trying to find the best way to predict the gender of a baby, and will bring even better results than Martine Lafleur's.The free service takes longer, depending upon the many requests we receive, orders we have to process, analyses to write and questions to answer, it may last more than a week before we may be able to send the possible outcome.If it moves in a to and fro motion like a pendulum, you will be having a boy.If you want reliable gender prediction, we suggest you to use a scientific test.There are other baby gender prediction methods too that may be quite reliable; for more information, click here and here!And, unlike the numerous old wives' tales designed to help mothers-to-be to predict the sex of their children, experts say this one has the backing of science.

Follow the column and row to the intersecting point.
Legend says that this chart is 93-percent accurate and this chart is currently on display at the Beijing Institute of Science.
Beginning at a rate near the mother's, at approximately 80-85 B/M at the start of the 5th week, the heart rate accelerates to a mean of 175 B/M -20) at 9 LMP weeks.