7, i recently took a little side trip to Bratislava and then onwards to Vienna.
Vienna seemed much cleaner and not riddled with refugees in comparison to Paris, but thats not to say they dont have problems.
So if you are supposed to meet your Austrian lady friend or take out an Austrian girl on a date, by no means you should be late.This has its benefits, but be sure about what you sign up for.Rather reserved in nature, overall social interaction in Austrian society maintains a formal stance.Remember that there is sometimes a strict protocol for dressing appropriately in different situations if you are taking her to the theater or a concert, you need to don formal wear for whereas a dinner at the better restaurants would require semi formal but not.Then again keep certain things in mind while giving of flowers to a girl.Befriend some people in each room, just chill and coast around between groups and the girls will find you.Does it skew towards the Western way of one night stands and no commitment, or more towards the EE way of dating and relationships?In all probability your Austrian girlfriend is a house-proud hostess and has a beautiful garden which she tends to herself.Generally, spring starts around March, with summer setting in early June-ish.Main right-wing parties in Europe are the United Kingdom Independence Party (ukip Vlaams Belang (Belgium Dutch Party for Freedom, Front Nationale (France Lega Nord (Italy Austrian Freedom Party, The Alternative for Germany (AfD Sweden Democrats, Progress Party (Norway Danish Peoples Party, and many more!So if you are dating an Austrian woman, be careful of your appearance.Ah, cognitive dissonance at its best.Charlie Ps: Centrally located pub, with a disco in the cellar.Joining the Reich was seen as a duty by the Austrians, which had lost 80 of their former territory with the collapse of the Habsburg Monarchy after WWI.
Vienna datasheetwhere TO find austrian women I advise anyone in Vienna to check out the Erasmus buddy week at the beginning of October/March, which is the initiation week for foreign students.

They dress well, austrian women tend to dress up even when they may be going out for shopping or running errands.So your Austrian lady friend may be using a single scarf to accessorize her suit, but it is likely to be well-tailored suit or a scarf of the purest Pashmina.And if you like smoking weed Vienna is a good place to beas long as you dont light it up in front of the police.For half the price you can have a much better time in a place like Prague, Budapest, or Kiev (even less than half the price).Keep in mind that red roses are gifted only in specifically romantic context while red carnations may carry political connotations since it is the official flower of the Social Democratic Party.Favourite spot of some smooth players I used to roll with.
The general impression I have from friends whove dated them, and as I mentioned about politics earlier, the rural population is much more conservativewhich goes for girls and dating as well.