The files are find sex offenders for free by name database dumps with 27 fields in total; the most important being IP address, email, handle, country, state, zip code, language, sex, race, and birth date.
Unfortunately, at this stage in the investigation of any data breach, the company involved and the forensic team theyve brought in to uncover the extent of the damage cannot discuss the details.
Not only this, the passwords were hashed without first being salted (i.e.Dates confirm that the data is at least 74-days old.Law enforcement because of location alone.The leaked records, contained in 15 Excel spreadsheets, are still online in an underground forum.The bad guys know this.In the files that were published, payment data isn't present.Dont ignore the dangers of the Dark Web cybersecurity is everyones responsibility and this weeks news is further evidence that we must respond to threats in the market.More Story, this site uses cookies, including for analytics, personalization, and advertising purposes.Before posting links to the files, rorrg wrote a message directed at Adult Friend Finder saying "this is for owing my guy 247,938.28." He wrote in another post: "I am in Thailand.Data is valuable to both organisations and consumers.For more information or to change your cookie settings, click here.Plenty of the people in that database are married, and it's likely their actions online are a dark secret.
More than.1 million people chose the password 123456 and nearly 190,000 people chose password.
FriendFinder Networks, a California-based company that owns Adult Friend Finder and other dating websites, said in an advisory that it has contacted law enforcement and is investigating.

They owe my guy money.".Sign up for CSO newsletters.Not using a password manager is the equivalent of leaving your credentials unprotected.The scope of the breach isnt yet known, but the company is already alerting users to the fact that names, addresses, email addresses, sexual orientations, marital meet woman forest statuses, and other sensitive information may have been accessed.Adult Friend Finder was breached more than two months ago, according to a dark Web forum.The AdultFriendFinder hack reveals an even more egregious disregard for proper security of the passwords in that more than a third of all the passwords were stored in plain text. .
If credit card information or Social Security numbers are stolen in a breach, then theres a good chance there could be financial repercussions.