If a club permits children to join as members or attend club meets without a parent / carer or nominated adult, then club officers have additional responsibilities.
You will receive confirmation of your booking including your ticket within 5 working days.
Scenario 2: club meets in which unaccompanied children participate.
Please note that we are currently offering summer specials in place of our regular programmes.A "nominated adult" is real sex date someone aged 18 years or over to whom a parent consents to taking their child climbing, hill walking, mountaineering, or on any other Mountaineering Scotland / club activity, such as a social event, club lecture or wall training.Unusual travel arrangements- children being dropped off/ picked up in private cars/ taxis at unusual times and in places where they it isnt clear why theyd be there.If a club permits a child to join as a member and / or attend club meets, but only when accompanied by a parent / carer, or an adult nominated by a parent / carer, then the club is not required to adopt the Mountaineering.Have little opportunity to move freely and may have had their travel documents retained,.g.Factory, agricultural, food industry, care work, hospitality industry, construction.Minimum charges and Cancellation, there is a 40 minimum charge for all Education sessions (25 for groups where all students have additional support needs) Please note a cancellation fee of 40 (25 for ASN groups) is charged if cancellation is made 14 days or less.If you would like to book any of our regular sessions for the 2018/19 school year, please contact.We provide free admission for supervisory adults as follows: Nursery 1 adult per 4 children, primary 1 adult per 7 children.Safeguarding Children in Mountain Huts - Scotland in October 2015 following consultation with Children 1st.
The assessment should include: What are the risks to the young people or vulnerable adults?
If you require further information before completing the form please contact us on or call for Primary Secondary bookings at Edinburgh Zoo or for all bookings at Highland Wildlife Park and Tertiary Adult bookings at Edinburgh Zoo, or contact us at: Discovery Learning, the Royal.

School Membership costs are: Edinburgh Schools* 250 per year (4 streams 350 per year) All Other State Schools 350 per year (4 streams 500 per year) Independent Schools 400 per year (4 streams 550 per year) *Reductions have been made possible with small levels.Information about Scottish local authorities can be accessed here.How can the risks be managed, and by whom?Further information and resources.Our website uses cookies throughout our system and to help us provide a better service.The guidance relating to young people also applies to "vulnerable adults, defined by our insurers for the purposes of public liability insurance cover (included in the civil liability policy cover) as "any person aged 18 or over who is in need of assistance by reason.
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