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We didn't know what was going on and we didn't know a way to help.".
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The state authorities closed all highways and roads into the town, to speed rescue operations.And then moved into Williamson County just north woman looking for just confirmation of Austin, officials said.Stunned residents covered in mud wandered around in the rain, crying and consoling each other.Odessa, TX (kwes), a local organization called Guardians of the Children needs your help in finding someone with a specific blood type, RH negative.For Alex, his count was only 4,000, leading doctors to diagnose him with a rare blood disorder called ITP, which stands for Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura.The manager at the restaurant, Ray Westphal, described the tornado's approach: 'It looked about two inches tall at first.And then the top and the bottom joined, and you could see the tornado just start moving through town.'.Peterson said, 'but when you're lying in a bathtub covering two little babies, it seems like forever.'.In Cedar Park, Mike Richardson, who owns a computer store near the demolished Albertson's, was"d by The.P."When there's no platelets, your blood is so thin, it'll seep out said Shylla Turner, a family friend and a member of Guardians of the Children."He's government website for registered sex offenders like family to us so anything we can do to help any kid, we want to try to do said Turner.Chance of a Thunderstorm, partly Cloudy, chance of a Thunderstorm.The fire station was being used as a morgue in Jarrell, and emergency operations were being run out of the high school cafeteria.Although he's unable to do activities as any 8-year-old getting sex on the first date boy would, he knows there's a backbone of supporters who stand behind him.
Right now, Alex is in between appointments driving from Kermit to Lubbock every two weeks for IV-IG treatments.

The treatments are helping him increase his platelet count.A normal platelet count is between 150,000 to 300,000.It was a normal day for Alex, 8, until he woke up with bruises all over his body and bleeding from his mouth, nose, ears, even his eyes.Alley said, 'and that's exactly what it looked like.Her husband, Kermit, 66, was at work as a housing contractor when the storm struck their property.The storms continued after dark, setting the skies ablaze with lightning, at times strung in lacy networks across the sky and at other times striking in earth-shuddering volleys.Soldiers from Fort Hood, near Killeen, were reported to be searching through the wreckage in Jarrell for survivors or additional victims, and local radio stations reported that more than 300 homes had been destroyed.So take your pop to Dads Night Out and come early to get the party started this Sunday.
Alex is not in need of blood donations, only platelet donations.
'It covered the entire sky to the north one caller said, 'and sounded like the loudest thing you ever thought you'd hear.'.

Alex doesn't need a bone marrow transplant but if it were to come down to it, his family knows there's a bank already built of platelet donors.
Although most of the damage today appeared to be centered here, in a swath about a mile long and 200 yards wide, other communities did not escape the storm's wrath.